ASGMT, Houston


September 16-19, 2019 Marriott Westchase Hotel, Houston, TX (800) 452-5110

The School is comprised of a two and one-half day series of 1-hour lectures and hands-on classes, plant tours, and exhibits by 108 exhibitors. Exhibitors are requested to teach application and performance capabilities of their equipment and refrain from sales activities during the School. At the time of registration, the registrants receive a CD copy of the “Proceedings” of the American School of Gas Measurement Technology containing the technical papers to be presented in the various lectures which comprise the current program. It also contains the General Chairman’s Opening Remarks and a biography of the Principal Speaker. Each registrant should plan their schedule carefully and adhere to it in order to derive maximum benefit from the School. The American School of Gas Measurement Technology is a non-profit organization which has always been self-supporting. The expenditures of the School are paid entirely from the proceeds of the School. The formal “Proceedings” of the School are published by the General Committee and a CD copy is furnished without additional cost to each paid registrant.

  • Fundamental Measurement
  • Distribution
  • Transmission
  • Gas Quality
  • General & Advanced Measurement
  • Office Procedures & Accounting


It is the purpose of the School, the sponsoring associations, and the operating and manufacturing companies within the petroleum and natural gas industry, to provide instruction on technical subjects for people in the industry. In this way, proper facility design, installation, operation, and maintenance of measurement and regulation equipment, and the handling of natural gas is presented and studied. Accurate and useful information is also developed and published for the benefit of the industry and the general public.