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Flow & Immersion

e9 Treatments excels in flow and immersion environments. Since 2010, our treatments have succeeded at mitigating paraffin and asphaltene buildup on stainless steel instrumentation immersed in the fluid of oil & gas production tanks. With proven success in this environment, e9 Treatments now offers surface treatments to prevent fouling and buildup in other flow and immersion applications such as turbine meters, tuning forks, Coriolis meters, valves, and other precision equipment.

The following video demonstrates the repellency properties of e9 Pro Metal Treatment by showing a side-by-side comparison of untreated and treated stainless steel tubes dipped in crude oil.

Our e9 Pro Series Metal Treatments are ideal for oil & gas flow and immersion applications. Depending on the treatment application method selected (dip, flush, or polish), you can treat both the internal and external surfaces of equipment. Refer to the e9 Pro Series Metal Treatment product page for details about the different products available to serve this market.