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e9 Treatments has a history of success in treating metals to repel organic and inorganic materials in rugged environments. As a spin-off of Electrolab, Inc. (www.electrolabcontrols.com), e9 Treatments grew from Electrolab's reputation as the leader in providing cutting-edge solutions to material anti-fouling in harsh upstream oil & gas environments with Electrolab's patented Anti-Paraffin Treatment for stainless steel instrumentation. More than 17,000 pieces of stainless steel instrumentation have been treated since 2010 with this advanced nanotechnology treatment to prevent the build-up of various types of paraffin, naphthenes, and aromatics. Quality results and customer feedback have been overwhelmingly positive with a 99% success rate (with proper treatment application), reducing maintenance costs, and saving customers thousands of dollars per location.

e9 Treatments' continued work with world-class researchers, developers, and universities around the world has allowed us to expand on this success. We offer our customers the benefit of our expertise implementing treatments on a variety of different surfaces. Unlike other surface treatment providers, we consult with you to suggest the best method of implementing our treatments into your manufacturing process or service offering.

Our application engineers have a wealth of experience in determining the best way to treat your product(s). e9 Treatments can be applied by dipping the product in the treatment, flushing treatment through a part to treat interior surfaces, or spraying and polishing the treatment on the surface of a product.

By offering multiple treatment products, we can create a custom solution that meets your application and budget. One size does not fit all!

e9Treatment’s corporate office and manufacturing facility are located in Boerne, Texas. With our close ties to Electrolab, Inc., combined with an extensive understanding of the Oil & Gas and other industrial markets, we are uniquely positioned to serve customers throughout the Americas. We would be honored to put our experience to work for you!

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